Podcast + Newsletter = $$$

By Jeremy Enns

Podcasting is the single best way to nurture your audience and prime them to buy from you. But when it comes to actually making the sale… well, we all know how hard it is to get listeners to take action.

That’s where email comes in.

When paired together and used strategically, a podcast and a newsletter create a powerful sales tool that will amplify conversions and accelerate your customer acquisition process.

Here’s how to set it up.


Topics Covered

00:00 Why podcasting alone is not enough
01:10 The unique benefits of email
05:07 Email as a two-way communication channel
06:22 Integrating email into your content strategy
09:53 Building an effective email system
10:09 Creating a lead magnet and welcome sequence
13:59 The power of a regular newsletter
16:49 Leveraging other content platforms
19:13 Breaking down my personal email marketing system


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