An exhaustive, no-punches-pulled guide to podcast marketing & growth for serious creators, brands, and marketers.


This guide is designed to help give serious podcast hosts, creators, and marketers a roadmap to create and grow their shows. 

The lessons are intended to be read in order, but hey, you’re your own person, do what makes sense to you.

  • Podcast-Market-Creator Fit: What are the ingredients behind high-growth shows?
  • Differentiation Pt 1: Sharpening Your Idea: How can you make your show idea marketable?
  • Differentiation Pt 1: Crafting Your Hook: How can you make your show un-ignorable? (Coming Soon)
  • Packaging Your Show: How do you hook your ideal listeners when you only have a few seconds? (Coming Soon)
  • Acquiring Listeners: How do you get in front of potential listeners? (Coming Soon)
  • Retaining Listeners: What keeps people coming back to your show? (Coming Soon)
  • Generating Revenue: What are the best ways to generate revenue from a podcast? (Coming Soon)

About This Guide

Podcasts are the single hardest content channel to grow.

There are plenty of reasons why, including:

  • Lack of built-in discoverability
  • Poor analytics & attribution
  • Audio is inherently non-skimmable
  • Few easy on-ramps from other platforms
  • Potential listeners’ misconceptions about the medium

On top of all that, there are very few people with an in-depth, holistic understanding of podcast marketing strategy that goes beyond one-off tactics that might work today, but be gone tomorrow.

I’ve spent years creating, working in, and studying podcasts and have always been fascinated about what separates shows that grow from ones that don’t.

This guide is an answer to that question.


Our Marketing Framework

The process we’ll be following in this guide is based on our EAR$ Marketing Framework: 

Exposure: If you want to grow, you need to have regular exposure to new potential listeners. 

Attraction: Once you get exposure to potential listeners, you need to appeal to them enough for them to check out you and/or the show in more depth.

Retention: Growth depends as much on retaining existing listeners as it does attracting new ones. 

$$$: Revenue, monetization, sales… call it what you will. When your show consistently generates revenue you can reinvest back into the show and your marketing, you’ve got a true growth flywheel. 

Who’s Jeremy Enns?

I’m a marketing nerd who literally spends 90% of my waking hours thinking about marketing in one way or another.

I’ve run a multi-six figure podcast production agency for seven years, sold more than $100k in digital products, worked with huge celebrities, unknown creators and everyone in between.

What I love most is helping creators & brands tap into their unique voice and help them build their marketing around it.   


What Is Podcast Marketing Academy?

One of the reasons podcast growth is so hard is the lack of resources and education around podcast marketing.

Podcast Marketing Academy exists to fix that.

Our mission is to create the most robust, thorough, and rigorous set of podcast growth resources and education available.

That includes free content like this guide as well as our paid programs and 1:1 coaching.

Next Lesson – Podcast-Creator-Market Fit

How to create a show with growth potential.