Podcast Marketing Education For All

Whether you’re a seasoned creator, entrepreneur, or marketer looking to learn the specifics of podcast marketing, or are terrified and overwhelmed by the thought of marketing… but know you need to learn it, our collection of courses and workshops have got you covered.

Next Cohort: May 2023

Accelerator Program

The Podcast Marketing Academy Accelerator Program is a live 6-week deep-dive into the foundations of effective podcast marketing taught by one of the leading podcast marketing experts in the industry.

Who It’s For

Entrepreneurial podcast creators currently getting less than 1,000 downloads/episode.

What’s Included

  • 6-week live course
  • 4-5 hours/week time commitment
  • Weekly office hours
  • 12-month access to the PMA Foundation course + the PMA Community

Enrollment open

Podcast Marketing Foundation 

The Foundation Program is our flagship self-paced podcast marketing course.

Featuring four modules, 50+ lessons, and 20+ hours of content covering every aspect of podcast marketing & growth, this may be the most comprehensive podcast marketing education resource available.

Who It’s For

Business owners, creators, producers & marketers with more than a year of podcasting experience.

What’s Included

  • 50+ Video lessons
  • The PMA Growth Plan
  • Weekly office hours
  • Monthly guest expert workshops
  • Collection of swipe files & templates
  • Access to the PMA Community
  • 12-month access to all content

Self-Paced Workshops

Based on the core PMA curriculum, each of these 60–90 minute workshops is designed to help you level up a specific element of your podcast marketing strategy in as little time as possible.    

Enrollment open

Podcast Differentiation Crash Course

A workshop for podcast creators who are struggling to stand out and build a following in a crowded market.

This workshop will teach you how to grow, not by creating a better show than those that already exist, but by creating one that is obviously, unmistakably, unavoidably different.