Podcast Marketing Courses, Education & Training Programs

Whether you’re a seasoned creator, entrepreneur, or marketer looking to learn the specifics of podcast marketing, or are terrified and overwhelmed by the thought of marketing… but know you need to learn it, our collection of courses and workshops have got you covered.

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Podcast Marketing Membership

The Podcast Marketing Academy Membership is our flagship self-paced podcast marketing course.

In addition to unlimited asynchronous coaching from Jeremy, the membership features granular lessons and step by step playbooks on every aspect of growing your show and converting listeners into clients and customers.

Who It's For

Business owners, creators, producers & marketers with more than a year of podcasting experience.

What's Included

  • Unlimited asynchronous coaching
  • 70+ video lessons
  • Step-by-step marketing playbooks
  • Weekly croup coaching Calls
  • Monthly guest expert workshops
  • Collection of swipe files & templates
  • Access to the PMA Community
  • 12-month access to all content

Deep Dive Workshops

Based on the core PMA curriculum, each of these 60–90 minute workshops is designed to help you level up a specific element of your podcast marketing strategy in as little time as possible.    

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Podcast Collaboration Crash Course

Used effectively, strategic collaborations are one of the most effective ways to grow your audience. 

This workshop will teach you how to set up winning collaborations including understanding who to target, how to pitch them & what types of collaborations work best to bring in more of your best-fit listeners.

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Podcast Differentiation Crash Course

A workshop for podcast creators who are struggling to stand out and build a following in a crowded market.

This workshop will teach you how to grow, not by creating a better show than those that already exist, but by creating one that is obviously, unmistakably, unavoidably different. 

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Perfect Podcast Packaging

First impressions matter. And you only get one.

This workshop will help you optimize the single biggest choke point for growth—your show’s packaging (cover art, episode titling, description, and more)—to convert more browsers into raving fans.

Get 1:1 Support

Sign up for a 1:1 coaching session to get personalized feedback and strategy from Jeremy, custom-tailored to you, your show, and your business.

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Public Coaching Call

If you’re okay with me sharing our coaching call publicly (YouTube, social media, my newsletter) you can book the session at a 50% discount.

4 available/month

Private Coaching Call

If you’d prefer to keep our session 100% confidential, book a private coaching call. The recording will be shared with you and no one else.

Meet Your Marketing Coach

Hi, I’m Jeremy Enns, founder of Counterweight Creative and Podcast Marketing Academy. 

Over the past 7 years, my team and I have worked with dozens of high-level business owners, helping them generate over 50 million podcast downloads and millions of dollars in revenue.

Jeremy Enns | CEO | Counterweight Creative Podcast Production &Marketing

In working behind the scenes in a diverse group of businesses, I started to recognize the recurring patterns that separate shows that grow and convert casual listeners into raving fans, clients, and customers, and shows that plateau, falter, and fizzle.

I want to help you put those lessons to work in your show and your business. 

“Jeremy is 100% qualified, and I rave about him to everyone I know.

I highly respect him and appreciate his vision. His expertise and field of knowledge is incredible. Seriously.”

– Archana Nayak

My writing on podcast growth is regularly read by creators, marketers, & executives from places like

Along with thousands of indie creators, entrepreneurs, marketers, and producers.

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