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DEMO: How I Accelerate Podcast & Business Growth Using The Email Engine

Peek inside my 3-part email system for attracting & converting cold audiences into podcast listeners, clients, and customers — 24/7

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Get The Exact System, Templates, Email Sequences & Swipe Files Install Your Sales-Accelerator Email System

Inside the Email Engine You Get:

  • Step-by-step training on each of the 3 components of a high-growth (and high-converting) email system
  • The 3 components of magnetic lead magnets that vacuum up subscribers (and the mistakes that hold most lead magnets back)
  • The Minimum Viable Value approach to newsletter writing that makes staying consistent easy (and maybe even fun)
  • How to use Jobs to Be Done Theory to ensure your newsletter & podcast perfectly compliment each other
  • How to create a newsletter concept that acts as its own lead magnet to attract potential buyers and podcast listeners
  • The Problem Staircase Method for identifying exactly what to create your lead magnet about so it aligns with your paid offer
  • The 5 Solution Archetypes to build your lead magnets around and the most desirable delivery mechanisms for each
  • How to use the Quality/Engagement Matrix to assess which type of lead magnet is most highly aligned with your current business needs.
  • How to develop a lead magnet launch strategy that both grows your list and generates exposure
  • The 3-part welcome sequence strategy for rapidly onboarding new subscribers, surfacing customers who are ready to buy, and converting the ones who aren’t into podcast listeners for nurturing
  • How to segment your subscribers to present targeted podcast episode (and product) recommendations that boost your conversion rate
  • The 7 Key Messaging Components to weave into your welcome sequence that ensure every subscriber knows exactly what you do, how you can help them, and what makes you the best option for them
  • How to strategically repurpose your best existing content to create your scrappy (but highly effective) first draft of your welcome sequence in just a few hours
  • Detailed workbook guiding you through each step of the process of developing every asset of your email system
  • An extensive swipe file of example lead magnets, landing pages, newsletter concepts, newsletter formats, and email templates for inspiration

    Exactly What You Get

    #1 Lead Magnets That Work

    My system for designing, launching, and promoting lead magnets that attract high-value future customers (instead of poorly aligned freebie seekers who will never buy) who are looking to solve a specific problem you can help them solve.

    • Core Training: 29 videos, 5 hours of action-based training & workshopping
    • Inspiration Swipe File: Chock full of example lead magnets, landing pages, promotion tactics and more to help you bypass the blank page
    • Client Hot Seats: Sit in on live feedback sessions with my private clients where we workshop their lead magnet hooks in real time.
    • Private Client Workbook: The same one I use with my $7,500 private clients to build out their lead magnets

    #2 The Ignition Sequence

    Refined over 3 years, hundreds of emails and thousands of subscribers, this is my tried and true system for identifying buyers, kickstarting engagement, and automatically promoting your podcast in the most efficient way possible.

    The sequence is designed to rapidly build trust, communicate your key messages, and present subscribers with targeted offers to maximize their chance of conversion in the next 6 months.

    • Core Training: 17 videos, 120 min of action-based training & workshopping
    • Copy & Paste Email Templates: Set up for you to fill in the blanks and deploy immediately
    • Inspiration Swipe File: Where I share my full welcome sequence and break down the purpose of each email
    • Private Client Workbook: The same one I use with my clients to build out their welcome sequences

    #3 The Newsletter Design Lab

    My system for designing newsletters you love to write and your subscribers love to read (and will sign up for even without a lead magnet). In this training, you’ll learn that a high-value newsletter—for your subscribers and your business—doesn’t need to take hours to write or require you to become the next Hemingway.

    • Core Training: 16 videos, 120 min of action-based training & workshopping
    • Inspiration Swipe File: Sharing an extensive collection of newsletter concepts, formats, landing pages, and more to help you learn from the best and quickly build out your own
    • Client Hot Seats: Sit in on live feedback sessions with my private clients where we workshop their lead magnet hooks in real time.
    • Private Client Workbook: The same one I use with my private clients to design their newsletters.

    BONUS: Accelerator Call w/ Jeremy Enns

    Quick 15-minute call with me (Jeremy) to identify exactly which part of the training will generate the biggest win in the shortest amount of time. Get focused, personalized attention on your email system.

    BONUS: The Email Engine Workshop — Live

    Participate in a private implementation workshop I’m hosting, exclusive to customers who join as part of this launch. Get my help designing your email system during this hands-on workshop. Duration: 2.5hrs. Date: Thurs, July 25 @ 2:30pm Eastern. Workshop will be recorded and added to the program.

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