2022 Articles

Every Podcast Starts From Zero

Zero listeners, zero fans, zero reputation. Every podcast creator starts in the same place. It’s easy to begrudge the big brands and media empires for instantly racking up millions of downloads without having to pay their dues. But they did. They started from zero...

The Only Type of Podcast You’ll Ever Be Able to Grow

Chances are, you'd like your podcast to reach more people. Not just reach people, however, but connect with them, move them, change them. The way to achieve that, as you might have already guessed, is through marketing. But there's a catch. There's a secret that...

The 10 People You Need to Grow Your Podcast

As podcast creators, our shows often based around a big goal or grand vision for how to make life better for a specific group of people. That vision might be a refinement or improvement on the way things are currently done or a complete uprooting of the existing...

Start Growing Your Show— Here’s How

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