The One Way to Escape the Podcast Production Hamster Wheel

By Jeremy Enns

By Jeremy Enns

By Jeremy Enns

At one point or another, we’ve all experienced the podcast production hamster wheel.

We run faster, produce more content, and yet never seem to get anywhere.

The hamster wheel is exhausting, discouraging, and leads, in one way or another to the death of many a podcast.

In my experience, the biggest reason we get stuck on the hamster wheel is a lack of systems.

Well-designed systems provide leverage. Once in place they allow us to spend fewer resources (time, energy, money, etc) to get the same result.

The problem is that systems always take more resources to set up initially than they do to simply complete the task at hand.

And so we put them off, saving an hour or two this week at the expense of hundreds of hours over the coming months and years.

What we fail to realize is that time savings, like podcast growth, compounds.

Building a system that saves us 30 minutes a week might not seem like much. But if we reinvest that 30 minutes into creating a system that saves us another 30, we’ve now saved ourselves an hour.

With that extra hour, we can now spend more time on growth-oriented tasks than maintenance-oriented ones.

More time spent on growth-oriented tasks leads to more growth, which leads to more opportunities for monetization.

More revenue then allows us to outsource more of our production and marketing, freeing up even more time to invest in growth.

And in this way, the snowball continues to grow.

To get it started, however, it needs a push.

That push can only come from dropping, outsourcing, or systematizing the busywork, clawing your time back, minute by minute, and redirecting it toward the tasks that will actually grow your podcast.

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