Landing Sponsors For Your Podcast


This guide is designed to help give podcast hosts a roadmap to land high-value sponsors for their shows.

The lessons are intended to be read in order, but hey, you’re your own person, do what makes sense to you.


  • Understanding Sponsorships from a Brand’s Perspective:  What are brands looking for when they sponsor a show? (Coming Soon)
  • Sponsorship Earning Potential: How much can you expect to make from podcast sponsorships? (Coming Soon)
  • Audience Size Requirements: How many listeners do you need to land sponsors? (Coming Soon)
  • Structuring Your Sponsorship Package: What should you include in your sponsorship packages? (Coming Soon)
  • Pricing: How much should you charge for your sponsorship packages? (Coming Soon)
  • Designing A Pitch Deck: What information should you include in your sponsor pitch deck? (Coming Soon)
  • Identifying Potential Sponsors: How do you find brands that are likely to sponsor your show? (Coming Soon)
  • Pitching & Negotiating with Sponsors: How do you writ a pitch that gets a sponsor’s attention? (Coming Soon)
  • Working with Sponsors Long-Term: What can you do to get your sponsors results and keep them coming back? (Coming Soon)

About This Guide

There might be no more frequently asked question from podcasters than, “How (and when) can I land podcast sponsorships?”

It’s no wonder why.

Podcasting takes an incredible amount of time, effort, and consistency on a weekly basis. And while you should love producing your show simply for the sake of it, earning some income – even if it’s simply invested straight back into the show – can make the podcasting experience a whole lot sweeter.

Most podcasters, however, have no idea where to start when it comes to finding and pitching potential sponsors, pricing their ads, creating pitch decks, or managing the sponsor relationship.

This guide is designed to provide a robust and thorough guide to navigating the process of finding and landing sponsors at 20x the industry average rates.


Our Sponsorship Framework

The process we’ll be following in this guide is designed for niche shows with fewer than 10,000 downloads per episode.

It’s based around the following foundational principles:

  • Narrow Your Focus: The narrower your niche the higher your value to relevant sponsors and the more you can charge.
  • Win-Win-Win: Only pitch sponsors that you genuinely like and believe will benefit your listeners.
  • Long-Term > Short-Term: You’ll earn way more by developing long-term partnerships than selling single, one-off ad slots.
  • Think Beyond The Podcast: Brands care about reaching their (and your) audience everywhere. Design cross-platform packages to increase your reach, and value.
  • Help Your Sponsors Win: The better the results they get, the longer they’ll keep coming back.


Who’s Jeremy Enns?

I’m a marketing nerd who literally spends 90% of my waking hours thinking about marketing in one way or another.

I’ve run a multi-six figure podcast production agency for seven years, sold more than $100k in digital products, worked with huge celebrities, unknown creators and everyone in between.

What I love most is helping creators & brands tap into their unique voice and help them build their marketing around it.   


What Is Podcast Marketing Academy?

One of the reasons podcast growth is so hard is the lack of resources and education around podcast marketing.

Podcast Marketing Academy exists to fix that.

Our mission is to create the most robust, thorough, and rigorous set of podcast growth resources and education available.

That includes free content like this guide as well as our paid programs and 1:1 coaching.

Next Lesson – Understanding Podcast Sponsorships From A Brand’s Perspective

How to tailor your pitches to what brands are already looking for.