Two Ways to Improve Your Podcast (& Why Most People Choose Wrong)

By Jeremy Enns

By Jeremy Enns

By Jeremy Enns

There are two ways to make anything better, including a podcast.

The first, and more obvious, is to add something new.

  • More features.
  • More benefits.
  • More bonuses.

We often look at the work of others we perceive as more successful and think the difference in results is due to something they have that we don’t.

Then, in an attempt to close the gap between us and our competitors, we think to ourselves, “Well, if they’re doing x, I should probably be doing x as well. It seems to work for them, after all.”

And so we slap another tool, another tactic, another strategy onto our existing frame.

Sometimes this addition works, such as when we add a new member to our team who allows us to spend more time on the tasks only we can do.

But more often, the addition of a new component only dilutes the effectiveness of the existing ones.

So what’s the alternative?

The second and more subtle means of improvement, is to subtract.

  • Maybe it’s something that is ineffectual.
  • Maybe it’s something that’s clunky.
  • Maybe it’s something that works, but not as well as something else would in its place.

When we’re looking to grow but feeling stuck, improving via subtraction is often the more effective path.

If we want to create standout shows, shows unlike anything else in existence our first goal needs to be subtracting each element that doesn’t serve our audience, our goals, or the vision of our shows.

Through subtraction, we carve our way down to the essence of our shows.

This will mean intentionally choosing not to do many of the things that other successful shows do. Being intentional about what we keep, making each element earn its place.

Then, once we’ve carved our way down to the essence, the beating heart of what we’re creating, we can start to add, slowly and intentionally, that which focuses and amplifies it.

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