The Hidden Design Process Behind Great Podcast Cover Art

By Jeremy Enns

Your cover art is the single most important asset of your podcast. Along with your show title, it’s one of the only elements that almost everyone who ever stumbles across your show will encounter.

And when they do, what they see on the cover will determine whether they stop, look closer, and maybe even click through to listen to an episode…

Or whether scroll right by, potentially never to return.

In short, your podcast artwork matters. And in this video, I break down my thought process when designing cover art that hooks listeners, fills in the gaps left by the show title, and communicates the experience of the show.

Topics Covered

00:00 Intro
00:11 How your cover art impacts new listener acquisition
00:42 Designing for legitimacy and tone
01:21 Example 1: Podcast Marketing Hot Seat
01:57 Iterating on initial designs
03:30 Making intentional use of iconography and color
07:19 Example 2: Build A Better Wellness Biz
11:36 Example 3: Roast My Podcast
15:15 Hiring a designer
16:49 Example 4: Scrappy Podcasting
24:53 Final thoughts and tips


Flat Icon
Louis Grenier
Tara McMullin

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