26 Min • Podcast Roast

Podcast Roast: Wits & Weights w/ Philip Pape

Roasting fitness podcast, Wits & Weights' packaging & sharing what you can learn to improve your show's cover art, title & description.

By Jeremy Enns

In this episode of Podcast Marketing Trends Explained, we roast Wits & Weights‘ podcast packaging to break down what’s working, what’s not, and what you can learn to improve your podcast cover art, title, show description, SEO, and episode titles.

In this roast, we cover evocative titling, the benefits and pitfalls of unique brand coinages and languaging when it comes to earning trust, using distinct episode naming conventions to differentiate between episode formats, and more.

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Topics Covered

00:00 Introduction
01:14 First Impressions of the Podcast Packaging
04:18 Analyzing the Podcast Name
06:43 Analyzing the Podcast Cover Art
12:47 Analyzing the Show’s Description
18:05 Analyzing the Episode Titles
22:19 Comparing the Artwork to Other Competing Shows
25:37 Optimizing the Show for SEO Discovery
30:27 How to Submit Your Show for an Audit


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