The Key to Growing A Conversational Podcast

By Jeremy Enns

It seems like “Two guys/girls chatting” style shows are the butt of every joke in podcasting.

These shows are often seen as vapid, meandering shows that don’t deliver any value. And yet many of the most popular shows in the world appear to follow this exact format.

Which begs the question: What does it take to do this format well?

And more importantly, does today’s roastee, The Brewery Explorers pass the test?

Topics Covered

01:21 Introducing the Brewery Explorers podcast
01:49 First impressions
02:12 Evaluating the cover art
05:50 The challenge of standing out in a crowded genre
08:02 Brainstorming unique angles for conversational shows
10:24 Trailer assessment
12:23 Adding layers of interest to the show
14:43 Brainstorming show concept ideas
25:53 Proof of what you need: a clear target audience
28:01 What can we learn from the ratings and reviews
30:27 Final thoughts and recommendations


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