Does the Tim Ferriss Podcast Playbook Still Work?

By Jeremy Enns

Tim Ferriss is one of the most successful podcasters of all time.

Sure, he got started early and has been creating his show for more than a decade.

That helps.

But you don’t get to a billion all-time downloads by accident.

Clearly, Tim is doing something right.

It should come as no surprise that along Tim’s long, slow march to success, he’s inspired more than a few (or perhaps more than a few thousand) up-and-coming podcasters to follow in his footsteps and start their own shows.

Like Tim, many of these shows aim to “get inside the minds of world-class performers” and share the takeaways with their listeners.

But while the concept has clearly worked for Tim, it begs the question:

Is it actually possible for a new podcaster starting today to follow the Tim Ferriss playbook to success?

In today’s roast, we dissect one of these shows, DSTLLD, by Blake Bottrill to find out.

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In this roast, we cover:

  • Reducing the friction in your discovery process
  • Improving your show’s “legibility”
  • How to differentiate yourself from better-known, more successful shows in your category
  • Aligning your marketing strategy with your goals
  • How massive shows from Tim Ferriss & Jordan Harbinger got to where they are
  • And more

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Topics Covered

00:00 Intro
00:57 Roasting the DSTLLD Podcast: First Impressions
01:38 The importance of clear, searchable naming
06:52 Cover art teardown
09:05 Podcast description teardown & ideation
10:39 How to compete with established shows by finding your unique angle
18:07 Packaging individual episodes
22:27: How to become the next Tim Ferriss or Jordan Harbinger
30:06 Final thoughts and recommendations for growth


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