Roasting a Niche & Nerdy History Podcast

By Jeremy Enns

In this episode of Podcast Marketing Trends Explained, we roast Dirk Hoffman-Becking’s History of the Germans podcast’s packaging.

We break down what’s working, what’s not, and what you can learn to improve your podcast cover art, title, show description, SEO, and episode titles to improve your podcast discoverability and get more listeners.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • Advantages and pitfalls of serialized shows
  • SEO Opportunities
  • Standing out by aiming narrow
  • Doing a clear “Job”
  • And lots more

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Topics Covered

00:46 First impressions of History of the Germans
01:04 Episodic vs. serial podcasts pros & cons
02:18 Exploring Apple Podcast channels
05:59 Cover art and first impressions
06:48 The power of a well-defined Job to be Done
10:22 Title and description breakdown
13:26 Dissecting the episode titles
15:52 A major pitfall of long-running serialized shows (and how to fix it) 21:38 A big opportunity to stand out in any niche
24:38 Leveraging SEO and website optimization
34:53 Final critiques and suggestions


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