Trolls HATE This Podcast… But We Loved It.

By Jeremy Enns

A magnetic show concept gives you an unfair advantage over every other show on your topic, even in the most crowded spaces.

In the crowded world of book reviews and author interviews, This Queer Book Saved My Life stands out both through its combination of narrow niche and unique & compelling concept.

In this roast, we dissect what makes this show work from a packaging perspective, as well as some of the improvements the Host, J.P. Der Boghossian could make to increase the show’s discovery and listener acquisition.

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Topics Covered

00:12 Introducing the roastee
00:58 First impressions: Title and artwork analysis
01:37 Deep dive into the show’s concept and title
04:32 How we’d tweak the show description
09:07 Episode title and description teardown
09:15 Pros & cons of cross-posting different shows on one feed
10:29 Leveraging book titles for discoverability
12:31 Some of the best episode descriptions we’ve seen
14:21 Addressing negative reviews and trolls
15:25 Custom episode artwork opportunities
18:47 One major potential opportunity for improvement
20:22 The value of a podcast website


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