To Grow Your Podcast, Answer This Question

By Jeremy Enns

A podcast can be beautifully produced, feature fascinating guests, and contain original, interesting content.

But if potential listeners don’t immediately understand what they’ll get from listening, it’s going to be hard to grow.

In this roast, we dissect Global Health Pursuit by Hetal Baman, a show that on the surface has a lot going for it… and try to get to the bottom of why someone would choose to listen and how she can better communicate that.

Topics Covered

00:53 First impressions: Title and Cover art analysis
03:25 Podcast description dissection
03:52 Show description archetypes
06:09 Leveraging the “Rule of 3” in your copy and content
08:29 Avoid phrases like “Cut the Fluff”
10:01 What is the Job to be Done of this show?
14:52 How to nail your episode introductions
17:34 Should you use pull quotes in episode intros or not?
22:09 Concept ideation: The travel-health mashup
33:05 Defining your podcast’s ideal listener
35:27 The power of listener surveys and honest feedback
36:22 The problem with 5-star reviews
38:55 How you might be unconsciously blocking useful feedback
40:59 Soliciting constructive criticism: a strategy for growth
42:34 Avoiding hypotheticals: Use The Mom Test for podcast feedback


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