Roasting A Hit Food Podcast… That You’d Never Know Is A Food Podcast

By Jeremy Enns

From the outside, today’s roastee appears to be… well, a mind-numbingly boring show.

Peel back the layers, however, and you’ll discover a show with a fresh and fascinating take on its topic.

But therein lies the problem.

While this show has a unique angle on its topic, is it being held back by packaging that doesn’t clearly communicate that hook?

Let’s find out.

Topics Covered

00:12 Introducing the roastee
00:38 Introducing our roastee, Discover Ag
00:55 First impressions based on the show packaging
01:25 Cover art analysis
02:38 Deciphering the show’s title and description
03:39 Packaging confusions and contradictions
09:35 Rating the episode titles & descriptions
12:43 Why we’re still not sure who this show is for
13:33 Listen test: Impressions based on the first minute
17:00 Analyzing the show’s trailer
23:57 Should this show rebrand or reposition themselves?
27:27 Do attractive people have a leg up in podcasting?
32:56 Summarizing the roast: Key takeaways and suggestions


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