Roasting a Beloved Tech Podcast: Primary Technology by Apple Insider Host Stephen Robles

By Jeremy Enns

You know the saying:

“It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute.”

Well in this episode, we’re putting the idea to the test.

Because in our latest podcast roast, we’re dissecting a brand new show featuring two veteran, highly successful, much beloved creators who are teaming up for the first time.

In theory, Stephen Robles and Jason Aten, hosts of Primary Technology should have it all figured out.

Stephen, after all, is the much beloved former host of the Apple Insider podcast, while Jason is an experienced tech writer for Inc. Magazine.

But theory doesn’t always translate into reality.

And what got you here, doesn’t always get you there.

Given the pedigree, my expectations going into this roast were high.

And while there’s a lot to learn from what Stephen & Jason are doing right with the show…

There’s one major oversight with their packaging that is likely costing them dearly.

And it’s a mistake they’re far from alone in making.

In this roast, we cover:

  • The importance of cultivating (and then leveraging) your reputation
  • Playing status games
  • Leaning into tension in your messaging
  • Articulating your positioning & key differentiators
  • The real job of your trailer episode
  • And lots more

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Topics Covered

0:00 Intro
00:29 Introduction to Primary Technology
00:48 First impressions of the show packaging
02:12 Dissecting the cover art and title
05:25 The power of leveraging your reputation as a host
08:41 Breaking down episode titles and descriptions
20:19 Understanding genre conventions
21:00 How to use listener surveys to create better content & titles
22:01 Topic-based shows and listener engagement
23:26 How to create great custom episode art
30:10 The real value of creating a show trailer


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