37 Min • Podcast Marketing Trends Explained

Two Hard-to-Spot (But Very Real) Problems Suffocating Your Podcast’s Growth

The reason most podcasts suffer from slow growth is because of two problems most hosts never know they have. Here's how to spot (& fix) them.

By Jeremy Enns

Imagine if you could interview 500 podcasters, separate out the ones that doubled their audience over the previous year, and ask them point blank what they did to get that result.

Well, that’s exactly what we did, and in this episode, we’re sharing what we found.

Specifically, we looked into the Podcast Marketing Survey submissions of the 15 highest-growth shows, shows that had grown anywhere from 100%–400% over the previous year, and dug into their response to the question:

“What’s the thing that has had the single biggest impact on growth in the past year.”

They’re answers, and the trend they hint at, might surprise you.

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Topics Covered

1:15 What is the average month-over-month growth rate for podcasts?
6:11 The most-impactful tactics employed by high-growth shows
10:49 Finding Podcast-Market Fit for your show
14:30 The Content-Art Spectrum
19:32 Why reducing listener churn is just as important as attracting new listeners 
22:01 Practical takeaways to increase your monthly growth rate


Podcast Audience Survey Template

How to Run a Podcast Audience Survey



Acquired Podcast

How Acquired Grew Their Podcast

Wait But Why

The Smash or Pass Test

The Content-Art Spectrum: How to Identify, Find & Research Your Ideal Listeners

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