49 Min • Podcast Marketing Trends Explained

How Your Podcast Format Sets You Up For Success… or Failure

How long should your episodes be? What’s the best format for growth? Plus the most important decision you can make if you want to grow.

By Jeremy Enns

Before you launch a new show, you have to make a number of creative decisions that set the course of your show. 

Will you do an interview, solo, or co-hosted show? How long should your episodes be? How often will you release new episodes? And who is this actually for? 

These structural decisions tend to get made once, sometimes without much thoughts… but they cast a long shadow over the growth potential of your show forever. 

So how do you ensure you’re making decisions that align with your goals and give you the best chance at success? 

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Topics Covered

00:00 Intro
00:23 How much does a podcast’s structure matter in terms of its success?
02:56 Breaking down our recent episode length experiment
09:42 A better question than “how long should my episodes be?”
18:33 Which show format is best for growth?
23:18 The impact of podcast format for success and audience growth 24:52 What makes for a great interview show?
25:13 The art of crafting compelling interview shows
29:15 What makes for a great solo podcast?
33:01 What makes a great co-hosted show?
36:31 How we would design a show to get to 50k downloads/episode


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