Why Memorability Is One of the Most Important Levers for Podcast Growth (& How to Achieve It)

By Jeremy Enns

By Jeremy Enns

By Jeremy Enns

Over the course of my life, I’ve probably eaten at over a hundred pizza joints.

And no matter how good (or bad) the pizzas at these restaurants, I’ve forgotten about almost all of them.

There’s one, however, that will stick in my mind forever.

Pizza Del Perro Negro in Mexico City.

Since eating there on my first trip to Mexico City in 2019, I’ve since recommended it to everyone I know who goes to Mexico City.

This, despite knowing that most people probably won’t love the restaurant.

The pizza is phenomenal, mind you, as is their craft beer selection.

But the restaurant itself is opinionated.

It has a personality.

And that personality isn’t for everyone.

This much is apparent even before you enter the restaurant.

You can hear the steady stream of death metal blaring from the open doors as you walk up the block.

The rest of the brand, from the tattoo-covered servers, to the dilapidated, dimly lit black and red interior, to the names of the pizzas themselves all embody the same aesthetic.

It’s worth noting that none of this feels contrived.

Rather, it feels like exactly what would happen if a group of metalheads decided to open the pizza and beer shop that they wished existed.

The result is that while eating there may not be a comfortable experience for everyone, it’s undoubtedly an experience.

And a memorable one at that.

Love it or hate it, you’re going to remember eating at Pizza Del Perro Negro.

And love it or hate it, you’re going to talk about it.

The most marketable podcasts follow the same blueprint.

Beyond having solid—perhaps even fantastic—content, they’re obviously distinct in a way that makes them memorable.

When it comes to winning over subscribers, super fans, and amplifiers, memorability is the first step.

Think about how many shows you’ve ever sampled as a listener.

For me, there are dozens (perhaps hundreds) of shows I’ve listened to (and often even enjoyed) a single episode of… only to forget about entirely, sometimes by the very next day.

Months later, I might still remember some anecdote or information I learned on the episode, but when I try to recount it to a friend, I end up falling back on “I heard this on some podcast… I can’t remember which one.”

Sound familiar?

When it comes to your show, it’s almost guaranteed that over time, thousands of people will listen to at least one episode.

Imagine the difference in growth potential between a show that sticks in people’s minds well enough that they can call it to mind months or years later… and one that fades from memory almost as soon as they finish listening.

So how do you create a memorable show?

It all starts with you as the host.

The most memorable shows are usually an embodiment (and sometimes amplification) of their hosts’ quirks, interests, and personalities, which manifest in the shows’:

  • Aesthetic
  • Content direction
  • Point of view
  • Guests
  • Tone
  • Production
  • And more

But while channeling your unique attributes into your show is an essential step for creating a memorable show, there are two essential guidelines.

  1. You can’t be memorable when you look, sound, or feel the same as every other show on your topic.
  2. You can’t be memorable by being just a little different.

No, if you want to be memorable, you need to be unavoidably, obviously, death-metal-down-the-block different from the very first glance.

Not every aspect of your show.

You don’t need to invent some new kind of podcast format, for example.

But you need to pick at least one differentiator, something that reflects, represents, and resonates deeply with you as the creator.

And then double down on it, building it into every aspect of your show.

Your show won’t be for everyone.

But you don’t need it to be.

If you’re like most solopreneurs and creators, you need a few thousand people who resonate deeply with who you are and what you do.

The best way to find them?

Build a highly memorable show that acts as an unmistakable beacon to the people you most want to attract.

One that sticks in their mind for months or years after listening whether they liked it or not.

Which means the question for you is this:

What about your show imposes itself on your listeners in an unavoidable, unforgettable way?

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