39 Min • Podcast Marketing Trends Explained

The Hard Truth About Growing A Podcast In 2024 (and What You Can to Beat the Odds)

Why a small number of podcasts get the majority of the results... and what to do about it when it comes to creating & marketing your show.

By Jeremy Enns

Look closely at the data behind almost anything—from podcast growth, to Google search results, to Amazon product sales, and more—and you’ll notice a trend.

In almost every case, the bulk of the rewards (downloads, clicks, sales) go to just a tiny percentage of the available options.

This pattern shows up everywhere, and it’s known as the Power Law.

In this episode, we’re breaking down the math behind the power curve as it relates to podcasting, whether you should actually be aiming to be at the peak of the curve, and how to set realistic and achievable goals related to your show.

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Topics Covered

00:00 Introduction
05:10 Understanding the Power Law Curve and it’s impact on podcasting
14:25 Why you shouldn’t settle for creating an “average” podcast… and strategies for stand-out
26:40 Unpacking the download data in the Podcast Marketing Trends 2023 Report
37:15 Aligning expectations and setting realistic goals


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