80/20 Podcasting: What to Invest In (& What to Ignore) at Each Stage of Your Show’s Growth

By Jeremy Enns

Producing a regular podcast is one of the most grueling, time-intensive forms of content creation in existence.

But what if 80% of the time you’re currently spending on your show isn’t actually contributing to growth?

In other words, what if you could get the same results while spending drastically less time on your show?

Or, what if you were to redirect that time towards higher leverage activities that actually did move the needle for growth?

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Topics Covered

00:00 Intro
01:43 Breaking Down the Numbers: Data on high-growth show time spends
08:09 What stood out from the categories of growth in the data
10:49 Where to spend time when you’re first starting your show
18:48 Finding opportunities to improve your show in your daily life
20:18 Where to spend your time once your show already has traction
28:30 Time-sucking tasks to ignore or eliminate
39:51 The ultimate amplifier of every hour you spend on your show
42:07 How much time are you spending on your show each week?


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