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3 (Non-Social) Marketing Channels High-Growth Shows Use to 2x Their Audience

Once you understand them, you can create your own discovery engine.

By Jeremy Enns

Everyone loves to talk about podcasting’s lack of discoverability.

But when it comes to discoverability problems, podcasting’s got nothing on Netflix.

Consider this:

  • Netflix is a $240 billion company, with the best software engineers money can buy
  • They have a closed ecosystem meaning they have complete control over the content, metadata, and user experience
  • They collect vast amounts of behavioral data from their users to understand their personal viewing preferences and tastes
  • They have a massive content library of many of the best movies and TV shows ever created

Using all of the above, Netflix has been able to craft one of the most sophisticated discovery algorithms available.

And yet…

Despite the algorithm, the star power, and the breadth & quality of content available, how often do you find yourself scrolling through Netflix looking for something good to watch?

And what’s behind the torrent of web traffic to “Best Movies on Netflix Right Now” articles and videos?

And why does Netflix still need to spend so much money on advertising new seasons of hit shows (which is at least in part aimed at reminding existing customers about the existence of those shows)?

Yep, we podcasters have it good.

Of course, we all want to grow our shows.

Which means we need some way to consistently get in front of potential listeners.

The good news is there are dozens of non-algorithmic (and non-social media for that matter) marketing channels at our disposal.

And when we know what they are and how to use them, we can create our own discoverability engines.

In this week’s episode of Podcast Marketing Trends Explained, Justin and I break down the:

  • Three primary categories of listener acquisition channels
  • Lowest-hanging fruit growth opportunity most creators overlook entirely
  • Pros and cons of paid listener acquisition and when it makes sense
  • Differences between how high- and low-growth shows approach these channels and what it means for you

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Topics Covered

00:54 Does the Podcast Discoverability Problem actually exist?
04:49 What the data shows about the effectiveness of various marketing channels
08:37 Writing is often a strong indicator of success in podcasting
11:18 How to pick the right marketing channel for you
12:06 The three types of marketing channels at your disposal
15:36 Owned media: The low-hanging fruit for many creators
24:14 What most podcasters get wrong about growth through collaborations
37:01 When is the right time to start paid listener acquisition?
46:34 How to kickstart word-of-mouth growth?
52:47 Your homework for this episode


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