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The 10k Timeline: How Long It Takes to Reach 10k dl/ep (& How to Accelerate the Process)

We all know success doesn’t happen overnight. But what does the data say about how long it takes to reach 1k… or 10k downloads per episode?

By Jeremy Enns

Podcasting is inherently a slow-growth medium.

Without a central discovery system offering the potential for virality, growing a podcast is a long game of slow, steady, incremental growth that compounds over time.

But while you might expect growth to be somewhat slow when you start out, how long should it take before it speeds up?

In this episode, we’re breaking down what the data says about how long it takes the typical show to reach the 1k and 10k milestones, the factors that influence those timelines, and what you can do to accelerate the process.

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Topics Covered

00:00 Intro
00:26 Podcast growth lessons from Warren Buffett
04:27 When typical shows hit the 1k & 10k dl/ep milestones
10:03 How experience affects a show’s growth rate
18:07 The powerful compounding of relationships
27:15 Building your transferable skill set
39:04 The impact of mentorship and constructive critique


Mike Birbiglia’s Podcast, *Working It Out*
Andrew’s Research Project: Build or Break Habits
Build and Launch, Past Project by Justin Jackson
Mega Maker, Project by Justin Jackson

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