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Free Podcast Growth Course

Most podcast marketing advice is incomplete.

This no-fluff workshop will fill in the gaps and give you the blueprint to bust through the growth plateau, consistently grow your audience & increase your show’s ROI.

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1. Each week, I send out my Creative Wayfinding Newsletter. Each issue explores the question of how to navigate the wilds of meaningful creative work with clarity, purpose, and confidence. You can sign up here.

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Podcasting Resources

Podcast Marketing Academy

Podcast Marketing Academy is a high-intensity course for big-thinking business owners looking to grow an audience of raving fans & develop a reliable stream of clients and customers.

This is my signature academy and is the most comprehensive podcast marketing training available. 

Podcast Micro-Audits

Identify the absolute lowest hanging fruit for converting more browsers into subscribers.

In these ultra-affordable micro-audits, I set a timer for 5-minutes, start a video recording, and then pack as much advice as possible in before the buzzer rings.

Roadmap to 5-Figure Sponsors

You don’t need a thousands of listeners to make money from podcast sponsorships.

What you need are the right listeners, and the right strategy.

The good news is that you probably already have the right listeners.

This workshop will give you the right strategy.

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