Podcast Marketing Academy Publishes Inaugural Podcast Marketing Trends Report

For Release On November 13, 2023

Today, podcast marketing education and media company, Podcast Marketing Academy published their inaugural Podcast Marketing Trends Report. Based on a survey of 521 podcasters who shared 12 months of month-by-month download data, the report breaks down how shows in three different size categories (<1,000 dl/ep, 1,000–10,0000 dl/ep, and >10,000 dl/ep) approach creating and marketing their shows and establishes a series of marketing benchmarks to help podcast publishers to make more informed marketing decisions.

“There have been a growing number of podcast industry reports over the past few years,” said Podcast Marketing Academy Founder, Jeremy Enns on what motivated the research project. “But none of them answered any of the questions I had as a podcast marketer, creator, and business owner. Eventually, I decided to stop waiting for someone else to go out and collect and analyze the data I was wanting and do it myself.”

The report features data collected from shows from six continents, multiple languages, and all major formats and genres. Cumulatively, the shows polled have produced more than 31,000 episodes and received more than 300 million downloads.

Key findings of the report include the following metrics, cross-analyzed by show size:

  • Month-over-month and annual growth rates
  • Median episode length
  • Episode release schedule
  • Total number of episodes published
  • Episode consumption rate
  • Marketing channel usage
  • Social media platform usage
  • Monthly budget
  • Weekly time investment into production & marketing
  • And more

Speaking of the findings of the report, Enns shared, “I’ll be honest, some of the results are pretty depressing. I think most people in the podcast industry know just how hard it is to grow a show from scratch, and the data we collected—specifically related to the median month-over-month and annual growth rates—definitely affirms that. On the flip side, however, I think that there’s a silver lining to that data. Creators and publishers who might be frustrated with their own growth rates can take some solace in the fact that this is a challenge for the medium of podcasting as a whole. We’re all in this together.”

While led by Podcast Marketing Academy, the report was supported by podcast hosting company Transistor.fm, podcast events company Podcast Movement, and podcast production and hosting company Alitu.

The full report can be found at www.podcastmarketingtrends.com.

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