Podcast Marketing Academy Launches New Podcast: Podcast Marketing Trends Explained

For Release On February 13, 2024

Today, podcast marketing education and media company, Podcast Marketing Academy launched a new podcast, Podcast Marketing Trends Explained. The show is based on the 2023 Podcast Marketing Report and aims to expand on the report’s findings and provide both actionable takeaways and thought-provoking questions about how to best grow a podcast in 2024

The show is co-hosted by Podcast Marketing Academy Founder, Jeremy Enns and Justin Jackson, Co-Founder of podcast hosting company Transistor.fm.

In every episode, the co-hosts examine one piece of key data from the Podcast Marketing Trends 2023 report and explore:

  • What it means
  • What it doesn’t mean
  • The counter-argument
  • An example of an outlier show that defied the data
  • And a clear simple takeaway you can use with your podcast

“We created the show for serious podcasters & marketers that are sick of generic, reductive, surface-level podcast marketing advice,” said Enns. “These are folks who don’t want to be coddled. They don’t need a podcasting cheerleader. They want to get better. And want the plain, unvarnished, sometimes uncomfortable truth about what it will take to get there so they can get to work and do it.”

The first episode of Season 1 is available now on all podcast listening platforms with a video version of the show available on YouTube. Episodes of the 10-episode season will be released weekly.

All the info about the podcast can be found at www.podcastmarketingtrends.com/podcast

About Podcast Marketing Academy

Podcast Marketing Academy is an online education and media company specializing in helping brands, businesses, and creators understand and implement a strategic, intentional approach to podcast marketing & growth. Grounded in a holistic, anti-hype, strategy-first approach, Podcast Marketing Academy offers a variety of free and paid content, live events, community, and 1:1 consulting to help podcasts of all sizes and resources punch above their weight to grow their shows and the businesses behind them.

For more information, visit www.podcastmarketingacademy.com

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries or to request interviews, please contact:

Name: Jeremy Enns

Role: Founder, Podcast Marketing Academy

Email: jeremy@podcastmarketingacademy