EAR$ Marketing Lesson 1

Using the EAR$ Framework to Grow Your Podcast

Next Up: How to Improve Your Listener Retention

Lesson Summary

  • Marketing is most confusing, frustrating, and ineffective when you don’t have a solid, structured framework to guide your actions & decision-making.
  • Once you introduce that structure, however, marketing instantly makes a lot more sense, and you’re able to make smart, intentional decisions about where to focus your time and effort.
  • The EAR$ Marketing Framework is a 4-part system that will guide your marketing efforts. The four components are: 
    • Exposure: Your ability/system to get in front of new best-fit audience members. 
    • Attraction: Your ability/system to convert attention into engagement (subscription to show or email list, social follow, link click, etc).
    • Retention: Your ability/system to keep new and existing listeners and audience members coming back once they engage for the first time. 
    • $$$: Your ability/system to generate revenue from your show.
  • All four of these components need to be addressed for your marketing to be effective. If you’re missing even one, the effectiveness of your entire marketing strategy will be limited.

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