Meet: Jen Fugo

After years of struggling to convert listeners into clients, she knew she needed a new approach… She never imagined it would work this well, however. 

Case Study Summary

Name: Jen Fugo

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Show: The Healthy Skin Show


Market: Natural Skin Health

Problem: Was pivoting her business away from gluten-free nutrition to focus on natural skin health.

Had an existing show that was getting ~2k dl/mo but was looking to start fresh with a new show on her new topic.

Wanted to be seen as the expert. On her past show, she pushed a lot of traffic (and sales) to her guests but struggled to get her audience to buy from her.

Success: Before even launching, had lined up 3-months worth of sponsors at $800/ep.

Racked up 9,500 downloads in her first month. Within 6 months was averaging 20k dl/mo. Now has over a million total downloads.
10x’ed her health coaching practice’s income within 6 months of launching.

Raised her prices 3 times in the first year and still had a waitlist longer than she could handle.

80% of her clients now come from the podcast.