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Podcast Guides

Podcast Growth Guide: Sharpening Your Podcast Idea

Podcast Differentiation Pt 1: Sharpening Your IdeaThis lesson will teach you how to focus an idea around a unifying concept to cut through the noise and attract more listeners.Most Podcast Ideas Are Dull There are countless great ideas being hatched every single day....

Podcast Sponsorships Guide

Landing Sponsors For Your PodcastContents This guide is designed to help give podcast hosts a roadmap to land high-value sponsors for their shows. The lessons are intended to be read in order, but hey, you're your own person, do what makes sense to you.  ...

Podcast Growth Guide: Podcast-Market-Creator Fit

Podcast-Market-Creator FitThis lesson will teach you how to assess whether your show idea has the potential to succeed in the long term.Why Shows Grow Not every podcast has the ability to grow. After working with hundreds of podcast creators and publishers, and...