Podcast Marketing Trends 2023

Podcasting might be the single hardest content channel to market and grow successfully.

With your help, we'd like to change that.

Share your experience to help us identify what's working now when it comes to podcast growth, and create the definitive set of best practices and benchmarks that creators, brands, and businesses can use to inform their marketing strategies going forward.

6–9 min

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Let's Demystify Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing is uniquely hard.

This is true whether you're a new indie creator at the start of your podcasting journey or a member of a large brand or network that's produced dozens of shows over a decade or more.

There are many reasons why podcasts are uniquely difficult to market, but certainly one of the biggest is a lack of access to—and transparency around—data.

With your help, we can change that.

Share Your Experience for a Chance to Win

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Podcast Marketing Trends 2023 Report & Summit

  • Through February & March, we'll collect survey responses from podcasters around world with the goal of getting a data set that represents the breadth and diversity of the industry.
  • In March, we'll analyze the responses and pull the key trends and findings into a report which will be freely available.
  • In April, we'll hold a one-day live event to announce the findings featuring some of the most knowledgeable creators and marketers in the industry.
What is the Podcast Marketing Trends Report For?

For years, we've been frustrated by the lack of transparent data in podcasting. Unlike platforms like YouTube and social media where it's easy to see who's growing and what factors might be leading to that growth, in podcasting, we're left guessing.

This makes it hard for us as creators and brands alike to develop marketing strategies and set realistic growth goals.

It also makes it hard to know whether our shows are growing faster or slower than other similar shows. 

Other mediums like email, blogging, YouTube and social media all have industry benchmarks against which creators can assess their performance. 

It's time podcasting had the same.

Enter, the Podcast Marketing Trends Report. 

How will my data be used if I complete the survey?

Once the survey is completed, we and our partners will analyze the data to identify trends and correlations between the marketing practices and channels being use by podcast creators, and the results they're getting. 

All data is be anonymized with no personally identifiable information being shared publicly at any time without your express, written consent.

Who's organizing this survey?

This survey is being organized by Jeremy Enns from Podcast Marketing Academy with support from our partners, including Transistor.fm Podcast Movement, Alitu, and Trent Anderson.  

How will this survey help podcast creators & publishers?

The results from the Podcast Marketing Trends Report will give creators and publishers a set of  solid benchmarks against which to set goals and assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. 

It will also identify the marketing practices that are most (and least) effective for growing a podcast in 2023 to help creators inform their own marketing strategies.

When will the results be released?

The results will be released in late April 2023 at the Podcast Marketing Trends Summit, a one day event featuring talks and panels discussing the results of the Report and what creators and publishers should take away from them. 

The full report will be made freely available at the the same time.  

Will I be notified of the results?

If you complete the survey and include your contact info, you will be the first to know when the results are released.